Welcome to the 2019 McIntosh Art Association Calendar Voting Page

If you are on mobile devices click on any image group (IE 1-9) this will open in a new page and then zoom in by pinching on the screen for a closer look of the images.

If you are on a computer click on one image group (IE 1-9) then click on “view full size image” (bottom of page) then click anywhere on that new page and scroll using the left/right up/down arrows on your key board.

If you want to see each image larger click here and write down your 12 picks and then use the voting section of this page below.

Please vote by August 18th!

We suggest you write down your picks by number and then vote.

scroll down

Please register your vote in the form below.


Your email and name will be required to vote.

Pick EXACTLY 12 images below (the background will turn pink after pick 1 and then to white on your 12th pick) Then fill in your NAME (required) and PHONE (option)  and let us know if you are a member (Yes or No required) or would like more information on MAA membership.

Then click SUBMIT and you will see a confirmation of your vote and also you will receive an email confirmation. If your email is not valid your vote will not count!

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