Covid-19 Responce

We look forward to the day that it is safe for all of our senior and high-risk volunteers to return to public places without fear of contracting the Coronavirus.  Until then, we will follow CDC guidelines to keep the Gallery germ-free and our volunteers safe, including the following measures:

1. If you have been sick or have run a fever in the 14 days prior to your intended visit, we respectfully ask that you delay your visit until a later date.

2. Social distancing while inside the art center is encouraged with no more than 8 guests entering at one time (Director plus volunteer bring the total to the 10 person limit).

3. Masks will be on-site for purchase and will be required to enter the art center (until further notice).  We will have a limited supply, so please bring your own if you can.

4. At the end of each day that we are open, the Old Jail will be disinfected with Lysol spray and wipes on high traffic surfaces (as well as periodically during the day between guests).


Board of Directors

McIntosh Art Association