MAA Non-Event Fundraiser 2021 Artist Donation Information

MAA Non-Event Fundraiser

MAA is sponsoring a non-event fundraiser for November 23, 2021

All donating artists will receive a tax donation letter for the amount you believe your art piece is worth.

Plus your art will be in the hands of someone who could possibly become a new patron of yours!

Please join us and support this non-event fundraiser.

We are asking all artists to donate an art piece that you believe is worth at least $150.00 and bring it to the art center on or before November 23, 2021.

We will number the pieces as they are turned in and then start to sell tickets.

On December 10, 2021, we will draw the tickets individually from our fishbowl and match them with a piece of art in numerical order.


For questions or further information, contact MAA at 912-437-7711 or email at


Tickets information online soon!

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