What should I wear?

Creating your Formal Masquerade Style

This isn’t the party for vampires or Freddie Kreuger!  Masquerade balls began during the Renaissance among the upper classes in Italy and Venice.  The traditional mask is required, but the formality of your attire has room for interpretation.
Gentlemen, if you have a tuxedo, feel free to wear it.  If casual coastal is the only thing to be found in your closet these days, dressy darks with a sports jacket are fine.  If you feel like being more in the masquerade spirit, vintage/historical costumes are encouraged.  Steampunk style can be a fun way to stay formal for men and women (a genre that combines 19th century style with science fiction) with a look trending toward dusters and top hats.  Google images is a good resource.
Ladies may wear ballgowns, cocktail dresses, vintage/historical costumes, dressy slacks or the aforementioned Steampunk style.  Be creative with hats and hairstyles if you wish.

Be over the top–prizes will be awarded for best male and best female costumes!

The truth is, if you purchase a ticket, we certainly won’t turn you away.  But what a fun opportunity to show off your STYLE!