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January 25th, 10-1

Gouache & Ink Painting

More than just a funny name, gouache (pronounced ‘gwahsh’) is an opaque watercolor that dries with a matte finish and can be reactivated with water. Joanna Hill teaches how to use this medium in a fun and stylistic way. $65 registration plus $5 in class for supplies.  Register by 1/20.



January 28th, 10-2:  Pottery Workshop

Intro to Hand Building

You’ve been asking for it…at last, we can offer it!  Janet Porter offers a great introduction to our pottery room and the marvelous tools we have available to hand build your clay project.  Learn about the process from building-to-firing-to-glazing (a second flexible date will be offered for students to glaze their fired pots).  $40 for the class plus $20 for supplies.  Seating is limited!



February 8th & 9th, 10 – 12: Color Harmony in Colored Pencil – Monochromatic (one color)

In this 2-day workshop, Joanna Hill will guide you through creating a piece of art utilizing a monochromatic color scheme in colored pencils (one color in different shades).  You will get an understanding of how to apply dark and light tones to add lighting, textures, and depth to your composition by using only one color.  $75. Supplies provided.  Register by 2/3.


February 9th, 16th, 23rd, & Mar. 2nd, 1 – 3: Basic Photography

Go beyond the AUTO setting…In this 4-session primer, photographer Paul Schlossbach will teach the basics of photographing artwork, people, landscapes, and wildlife using lighting and camera functions. $96. Bring your digital DSL camera. Tripod & remote shutter release are optional. Register by 2/4


March 8th & 9th, 10 – 12: Color Harmony in Colored Pencil – Complimentary Colors

In this 2-day workshop, Joanna Hill will teach you about using complimentary colors (2 colors opposite on the color wheel) in your art with colored pencils.  She will guide you on how to blend and layer them to create depth in your picture while utilizing color theory.  $75.  Supplies provided.  Register by 3/3.



Georgia Council for the Arts GrantThanks to a GCA Vibrant Communities grant, our pottery room is getting some new equipment, a bigger glaze selection, and a better workspace! MAA members enjoy full use of the pottery room for $10 per session.

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